Crew member on FRA73 Sirius - Night 8 & Day 9 Update

Night 8 Class40 SIRIUS

At this point the watch rhythm of three on and three off is SIRIUSly starting to take effect of your dreams. You can't believe the surrealism of the dreams that feel SIRIUSly real. Some of them are horror stories that actually make you afraid to go to sleep.

Well.... it is time to go on deck. SIRIUS is taking nice little surfs in 10 to 15 knots of wind. Spectacular universe opens up on top of us while we are chasing the stars with the leading edge of the A2 spinnaker. It is a night to enjoy and smiles of our faces will wipe out the bad dreams and we are sleeping like babies. 

Day 9 Class40 SIRIUS

In the beginning of the race there was one white whale and a white walrus from Finland joining the crew. We must be approaching the Caribbean since our skipper commented today was that those creatures have turned in to two shrimps.

It is boiling hot for the Arctic creatures and escaping the sun is the challenge of the day.

We are doing SIRIUSly nice surfing in up to 18 knots of wind. In the middle of the surfs SIRIUS is climbing the mountains of the North Atlantic swell. The swell has been challenged by the building hills of the Trade wind waves. Combined effort of the ridges and valleys is a SIRIUSly interesting labyrinth to helm. Hopefully we will find our way and see you all in a Grenada bar with a cooling iceberg in the rum glass.

Ari and SIRIUS crew.

Pure Grenada
Port Louis Marina
Calero Marinas