Crew member on GBR8936R Black Sheep

Hello from onboard Black Sheep!

Day 7 of the race here, and we've had an exciting time so far! After a good

start we made steady progress in the tricky upwind sections before hitting

some tough light winds passing between El Hierro and La Gomera. Finally

however we found some good pressure and headed South leaving the Canaries

behind! Since then it's made for some great downwind sailing and we've been

surfing waves most of the way. The current Black Sheep speed record for the

race is 18.9 knots held by the skipper himself Jake Carter!

Down below has resembled a sail loft rather than a sail boat. Firstly, an

incident involving Joe putting both an arm and a knee through the J1 earning

him dick of the day. Next was the more serious tear in the A2 spinnaker but

both have been put back together after many hours of off watch sail cloth


Spirits are high onboard, we're making good progress and everyones in a good

mood. Only slight niggle is Squirrel's appalling time keeping; after setting

his watch five minutes late, while he's adament he's on time, he's late to

most watches!

Black Sheep Out.

Pure Grenada
Calero Marinas
Port Louis Marina