Crew member on Sirius FRA73 - Dec 5

The Time machine
It was 2005 when I heard about an interesting job opportunity and went to an interview into the biggest architecture office in Finland after being ten years out of the office and living as a sailor/skibum. My previous years where filled with offshore sailing, mountaineering, extreme skiing, offshore swimming, caving, iceclimbing and all sorts of crazy stuff. Interview was unfortunately succesfull and behind the desk I was.
In 2010 I woke up behind the same desk. In that day of awakening I realized that someone had stolen five years of my life. I had no memories, no experiences nothing special to remember of those years. That was the day when I invented the Time machine. It is a way of life that builds a storage of ever lasting strong memories and experiences and stops the time so that you can live those moments over and over again.
Next day I had a new plan. This time it was not going to be skiing/sailing bum. There had to be another way. The way was to build my experties and a professional career... into a level where I would have right income and freedom balance. It took four years to build and in 2014 I bought my Class40 FUJI and the Time machine have been on since.
With FUJI there have been two Fastnet Races, two SORC Round The Rock solo version on a same course, Les Sables Horta and full Class40 series in 2017, few Round Ireland Races and Round Britain and Ireland and so on. Storage of the Time machine is full of wonderfull experiences from all of them.
And now we are part of a SIRIUS crew to have a peacefull practice run for our future crossings with FUJI.
Every hour, every minute every second you spend on ocean racing will turn to an eternity in the storage of the Time machine. Even the bad memories will normally render to good ones in the engine of the Time machine.

Ari from SIRIUS Time machine


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