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The RORC Transatlantic Race will start from Lazarote on 8th january 2023


Lanzarote is the easternmost of the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa and part of the province of Las Palmas.  The volcanic island has a stunning variety of landscapes including sandy beaches, rocky coastline, mountain ranges and even a desert. 




The 2023 RORC Transatlantic Race departs from Lanzarote, where all boats will be berthed in Marina Lanzarote prior to the start.

Operated by Calero Marinas, Marina Lanzarote has 380 floating berths with either finger or alongside mooring and can receive boats of up to 60m LOA.

A strategic port of call for sailors travelling south from Europe, Marina Lanzarote is the first fully serviced marina upon arriving in the Canaries. With its convenient city hub surroundings, located in the centre of the island’s traditional maritime quarter, Marina Lanzarote offers sailing visitors a convenient and welcoming place to relax and enjoy the local culture.

Learn more about Marina Lanzarote here:


28º 57.951 N 13º 32.272 W: Marina Lanzarote

28º 54,922 N 13 42,417 W: Marina Puerto Calero

Marina Lanzarote is located in Arrecife, within the harbour of Puerto Naos, situated along the inner length of the SE-facing harbour breakwater and just SW of the commercial harbour, Puerto los Marmoles. Around this area it is advisable to keep a distance of 0.5 miles from the shore to avoid the reef. The marina has an extensive and well-equipped yard with an 820-tonne travel hoist. The fuel dock can be found just inside the marina.

Puerto Calero is easy to reach as there are no obstructions or obstacles in the area. The harbour mouth opens to the SW. (Fl(3)G.14s13m8M.) The fuel dock lies immediately to starboard as you enter the marina, with the visitors’ dock just opposite, on the end of the port-side wharf.

For more information on the approach to both marinas, have a look at the advice offered on the website:

All vessels should call the marina prior to entry on Ch. VHF 09 (24 horas).

Should you wish to make a reservation or obtain further information, please use the following details. Ensure that the marina office is aware that you are taking part in the RORC Transatlantic Race, so that you are berthed accordingly and benefit from the event berthing rates.



Tel: +34 928 663 263 / +34 648 524649


Tel: +34 928 511 285

First time in Lanzarote?

You may find the following details useful for your stay in Lanzarote.

British Consulate: The consulate for Lanzarote is in Gran Canaria: Edificio Cataluña, Calle Luis Morote 6, 3rd floor, Las Palmas; 928 262508;

Emergency Services Tel: 112

Currency: Euro

Time Difference: Same as UK

Local laws and etiquette:

Topless sunbathing is considered normal on the island but nudism is confined to quieter beaches.

You are advised to bring a couple of photocopies of your European Healthcard and passport, as you will need them for any medical treatment.

You must carry your passport with you by law.

You may be asked to show your passport when paying by debit or credit card.

For further information check out this useful guide to Lanzarote here.

Travel around Lanzarote

Hire Cars

If you are booking from the marina then Cabrera Medina comes highly recommended. If you are booking from the marina then Cabrera Medina comes highly recommended. They have an office in the marina at Paseo de La Moda.
Tel: +34 928 822 900

They are open every day from 10:00 - 22:00.

If you are coming from the airport then you can find a list of car rentals here.


For buses timetables all around the island, including the airport, the old capital Teguise, Famara and the south of the island visit IntercityBus Lanzarote


This service is offered by the Tourist Information Centre in the marina.
Tel: +34 928 524222

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